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EGE Group is focused on client services and satisfaction. Please take a moment to read the great feedback we have received from our current clients. See why Edge Group is the best choice for you! We care about our clients, we think of them as an extended part of our family!

My family has used Martin’s firm for over 50 years when it was his Fathers back in the 1960’s. Our Company grew from a couple of million dollars to over 21 million dollars transitioning from a Manufacturer to a Wholesale Distributor in the early 1990’s until what it is today a Real Estate Venture. Martin not only is the accountant for that business but has been the accountant for other business ventures that I was involved in as well. When my father passed there were numerous tax issues and trusts that Martin handled as well. Recently, my mother passed away leaving a multi-million dollar estate with Martin’s expertise and advise I was able to probate the will myself, he advised me how to distribute the assets, probably saving me close to $10,000 in legal fees. Martin and his firm do not nickel and dime their clients they respect and reward client loyalty, something that is lacking in businesses today. I don’t consider Martin and his firm just my “Accountant” I consider them my family. They are always there for you, day and night and as well as weekends. There is no problem or question that he does not take the time to answer (including all my questions on quickbooks) immediately if possible and if it requires any research they will take the time to get the right answer. When searching for an accountant the first and only place to go is to Martin and the EGE Group. -

Scott E. Roth, President,   Prestigeline,Inc.

I was solicited by Martin’s company twelve (12) years ago and was impressed by his personal interest in my business and his insight into all my family’s needs. I changed my account to Martin’s Company and as the saying goes never looked back. For my corporation he took and regrouped all my tax planning and positioned the company properly from the moment he took over. It involved real estate and cooperate and personal tax filings regularly for two states. Later on, my father, living in Texas, became in need of my assistance to run his affairs. I never hesitated for a moment but to turn over all his interest and trusts to Martin Elller’s able care and have never has a moment to regret that decision. All I have to do is present a question and if it not immediately answered Martin finds that answer without delay. When I came to have Corporate Tax issue (from a time prior to Martin’s care) with the IRS Martin dealt with them in such a professional and courtesy way that in the end they stated they rejected our petition, but immediately called the next day to make sure we understood that we should appeal their decision and in the end they completely forgave penalties and accepted all payments as full and complete payment and even returned some interest that had already been paid. They had commented that they had appreciated the way the matter was handled and had said they had confidence in Martin Eller which is a praise far higher than any I could give. So without question I would like to attest and recommend Martin Eller and EGE Group to attend your corporate and personal needs. -

Robert Titus, President,   Seaford Chartering Services, Inc.

I was recommended to Martin by a good friend of mine almost 20 years ago. Martin Started with me when I had just retired from the police force and I started my own business. I met with him before I became an actual client and I picked his brain as to what type of entity to form as well as had numerous other questions. He took his time with me and I left that meeting duly impressed. I had some follow up questions which again he took the time to answer. Over the years I grew tremendously and got involved in many different ventures including but not limited to a bar, owing a building and my original company which is a corporate security firm. Any time I call Martin with a simple one minute question or some complex issue he always takes the time to explain fully the answer to my question if he is unavailable he always returns my call quickly. I find Martin and his firm make you feel like you are an important part of their family not just a client. When choosing a firm look no further than Martin and the EGE Group as they are a solution to all your tax, accounting and consulting needs.

Jose Rodriguez, President  M.E.R.I.T Operations, Inc.

I highly recommend Martin, Sharon and EGE Group to anyone looking for a top notch CPA.  Martin has been my accountant for years and is smart, helpful, accommodating and at the top of his field.  I have recommended him to friends, family and clients and they have all gotten the same professional, high caliber, high quality, service.  He goes out of his way to help – from general accounting and tax preparation – to getting forms completed in time to meet college financial aid deadlines. He helped alleviate my mother’s financial and tax concerns after the loss of my father (going so far as to meet with her in her home to make things easier!).  My experience has been stellar. -Meredith B.

The EGE Group is not just any company! This is a company that truly has your best interests at heart. Martin and Sharon are down to earth people and treat you like family. My husband and I have been using their accounting services to prepare our tax returns for more years than I can count, for both our personal and business interests. No matter what issues we threw at them, wether it be simple or complex, we have never been pleasantly surprised as they always cam up with the "right" answers. You will not find a more capable, trustworthy, efficient company. “Thank you for being in my corner” You are the best! Michelle Gaeta -Nutley.

Martin Eller has been our accountant for both our company and personally for over 15 years. He has repeatedly performed over and above expectations for me and my family. I would highly recommend Martin Eller for all your accounting needs. Donald Odierno, Senior Loan Officer

I came to Martin and the EGE Group after terminating my relationship with my prior accountant. Unlike his predecessor, I find Martin to be completely responsive day or night and is able to answer all my tax and accounting questions whether or not he has the answer readily available or has to take the time to do the proper research in order to get the answer. When I met Martin not only did he take in interest and his time in reviewing my business needs, he sat down and conducted a thorough review of my personal estate needs. He took the time to assemble a team of people that addressed all the issues. With today’s technology you can have anyone including yourself do your taxes. If you want it done right with professionalism and not just look at the numbers, but what is behind the numbers as well as advise you as you grow call EGE Group.  Bruce Grobman, President,   Bruchem, Inc. & Brutanicals, Inc.

I have been a client of Martin's for several years and cannot say how happy I am with his services.   I always leave with a clear understanding and am comfortable knowing I am working with someone with extensive experience, integrity and honesty.   I would not hesitate to recommend Martin. - Suzanne P.

Martin Eller is an extremely personable, considerate and professional accountant. He takes the time to explain to his clients everything he does so there is a clear understanding and no miscommunication.  He also makes time when need be and I am able to speak with him directly, not an assistant or third party involved.   I always feel on the same page as him and truly feel comfortable with him handling my finances. I would highly recommend him to anybody. - Cheryl T.

Martin has been doing my tax returns (personal, business and investments) since 2001. He’s also helped out with both investment advice and some wise counsel on small business matters. He’s reasonably priced, available at times that must be inconvenient for him, quick, reliable and accurate. The couple of times we’ve had issues with the IRS, he stepped in and the matter was resolved without complication. I highly recommend using him in just about any tax or advisory capacity, without qualification. - Steve M.

After living abroad for 35 years I returned home to face innumerable problems. Fortunately Martin was there for me and easily guided me through my transition with his knowledge and aptitude for my complicated situations. I always appreciate his making time to talk and explain things to me and making sure I completely understand. And his humor while dealing with me helps too" - Suzanne H.

There isn't enough words to describe how grateful I am to Martin S. Eller and his company. He spent countless hours getting my company books where they needed to be. When other accountants cut corners and over charged he did the work that needed to be done at a fair and honest price. I don't just consider him my accountant but a friend. If you are going anywhere other than this guy for you're accounting needs, you're making a big mistake. Thank you Martin for all you have done. - John A. President & CEO Strong Arm Fleet Management Corp -

I am beyond thankful and thrilled that I was referred to Mr. Eller and the EGE Group to help with my audit needs. His service, professionalism, experience, kindness, and knowledge was beyond expectations. I will refer anyone I know to the EGE Group. Mr Eller is someone you can trust! Thank you again!!!! ; - Ivey L.

EGE Group, LLC has been our accounting firm for a few years. We have always found them to be honest, polite, and accommodating professionals who are quick to call us back when we have questions. They are always up-to-date on the latest accounting practices, tax changes, and Federal & State tax laws. We have utmost confidence in their ability and guidance. - Judy Jones, CFO Wyckoff Digital, Inc. Wyckoff, New Jersey

We first had the privilege of meeting Mr. Martin Eller about 15 years ago when we needed to find an accountant for both our personal and business taxes. He was recommended to us by a friend who was also a client of Mr. Eller’s. We learned we could get in touch with him both during working hours and also evenings and weekends fitting into our busy schedules and he was always willing to help. We find his knowledge and work ethics superior and we would highly recommend Martin. Weare pleased to have him both as our accountant and very good friend.-

Elaine & Jerry B.

Martin Eller is a responsive, competent and collaborative professional who has provided us with excellent service even in the midst of difficult situations. He spoke to me at length before I was a client, about a very specific tax situation, that built confidence and told me I could count on him to spend the extra time to collaborate. I would highly recommend Martin and his firm for all of your tax and accounting needs.

Ellen S., Piermont Advisors, LLC

"Martin has been a real asset for my small business. He has answered all my questions in record time, his advice is spot on in every area, and he generously gives of his time and expertise. His enthusiasm for his practice is instantly evident, and I would recommend him without reservation.

Celia Milton., Ceilia Milton Wedding Services, LLC

Martin Eller and his team have been looking after my personal and business taxation and finances for nearly 10 years. His professionalism, service and dedication to me as a client is what keeps me coming back, and why I have no hesitation to recommend him to my all of my colleagues. He and his team made it so easy to set up my company, and look after all my taxation needs, making it far easier for me to concentrate on growing my business rather than worrying about endless paperwork. I am always made to feel welcome and appreciated, and they always have the answers to my questions. I look forward to another 10 years with the EGE Group. Chris G.