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"I have been using EGE group, LLC for over 15 years so it was only natural that I engaged the services of EGE College Solutions, LLC when it came to dealing with all the complications of the financial aid process.  We started planning when my son was in Middle School arranging my assets to get the most money from colleges.  While most of my friends and my son’s friends were dealing with the stress and pressures of “getting it right” the people at EGE College Solutions took all that away.  I highly recommend you let them do for you, what they did for me, save time, take away the stress and most importantly showed us how to save thousands."

Michele G

"Martin incorporated my business when my kids were very young and he has been there every step of the way.  As a single mother with three daughters, it was all on me.  When it came time for my oldest daughter to apply to college, I tried to do it myself with my daughter.  We ended up frustrated confused and in countless arguments.  Sometimes it is better to have an outside party reason with a teenager.  I contacted Martin and his team and to help us.  He was there every step of the way from completing the FAFSA to her final financial award package.  You have two choices, frustration and confusion or a simplified streamlined process. I suggest you choose the later and contact the folks at EGE College Solutions, LLC."

Lori P

"I have been a client of Martin’s for years.  As an upper income taxpayer I felt why bother filing out all the financial aid forms, as I will not receive any Money.  The people at EGE College Solutions explained to me that without filing all the FASA and possibly the CSS profile there was absolute no chance to get anything and that there is always some type of grant or award available.  While skeptical I filled out the forms as Martin has always given me good advice, so I filled it out anyway.  Much to my surprise I received thousands from the schools of her choice, which allowed me to pay for college and put away for retirement as well.  Which I never thought was available to me."

Christine S.

"Being a successful businessman, I felt that I could handle what I thought was the ease  of filing out the FAFS and any related forms, such the CSS Profile and Institutions own forms.  In short I was wrong, which I rarely admit.  I called EGE College Solutions, LLC and they helped me fill out the forms properly and showed me where I was leaving “money on the table, translation free money “.  I want to thank Martin and the people at EGE Group, LLC for all their help and support.  Their system really works."

Evan B

"My father has been semi-retired for a number of years and really did not have much money in order to pay for college and I was sort of lost going through the process.  I ask my dad for help and the best advice that he could give me was to call Martin at EGE College Solutions.  He explained, Martin and his team of accountants have been advising our family through all our business since 1972.  I called Martin and he met with and explained to me the process and “held my hand every step of the way”.  He explained to me from the beginning how to get the PIN #, walked with me through the whole process, and from what I can tell saved me thousands by showing me the nuances of how to appeal an award letter, reduce the EFC receive grants and awards, which I would not have gotten had I done this on my own.   I am sure I would have had many more dollars in loans.  He has been there ever since.

Today, I have graduated and live in NYC (which would probably not be possible if I had a lot of loans hanging over my head).  Many of my friends are forced to live at home with their parents due to loans from college. I work as a Project Manager for a large Company in NYC and love being a city girl."

Janelle R

"My father has been running a business for years.  As I completed my college applications, I knew it was time to start the financial aid process.  I asked my dad to help me, he replied,  ”I am always willing to help, but I am going to tell you what I told your sisters, Call Martin at EGE College Solutions.  Their services are well worth the money and their advice is invaluable, I will pay for it.”    I want to thank Martin and his team.  Do yourself a favor, whether it is planning for college and how to pay for it call the people at EGE College Solutions."

John T