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Free Workshops

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Parents of Freshman, Sophmores, and Juniors

You’re invited to a Free College Planning Workshop

No one should pay full price for college.

Learn How to Pay for College Without Going Broke!

This will be a valuable class for all parents and college - bound students. The class will focus on high school Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors, all grade levels are welcome.

In this class you will learn:

* Why procrastination may cost you thousands of Dollars and why everyone should file a FASA Form.

* How the rules have recently changed concerning the FAFSA and how they will impact you.

* Why the least expensive college may not be the most cost effective.

* How to position your student to maximize their success both in and after college and specific qualities to look for when searching for a college.

* Why traditional college savings strategies like 529s, Coverdell ESA and children's accounts can actually cost you money.

* How to pay the college bill in the most efficient way possible.

Important: We strongly encourage your college bound students to attend with their parents to learn how the application process works.

All seminars will be presented by of College Solutions a Division of the EGE Group LLC. and Martin Eller CPA and Certified College Funding Specialist and Education Loan Analyst and a member of the Association of Certified College Funding Specilaists (ACCFS). Phone 605-275-8850

Please check frequently as we are in the process of adding additional dates.

Schedule of Upcoming Workshops:

March 18th 6:30PM 100 S Spring Avenue 1st Floor Conference Room

March 20th 6:30PM 100 S Spring Avenue 1st Floor Conference Room

April 10th 6:30PM 100 S Spring Avenue 1st Floor Conference Room