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Applying to and paying for a college education can be an overwhelming process. We can help! We understand that funding education is no small task. Most families struggle with an affordable solution to getting a college degree. Unfortunately, too many families are given incorrect or incomplete information, or don't take the time to find out what tuition assistance measures are available. Yet financial planning, specifically for education, can lead to huge savings on college expenses.

College Solutions is the premier resource for high quality, customized student positioning and financial planning. With comprehensive services designed to individually address the specific needs of parents and students, we strive to develop a personal relationship founded on trust and reliability.

Our licensed and certified experts know that many factors affect financial awards. We will evaluate and show parents, regardless of income, how to position their financial structure to reduce the cost of college. College Solutions proprietary methods will also help define the historically aid-generous schools within your student’s reach, to maximize savings opportunities. We will analyze award packages to calculate the actual cost of attendance for your student, and give appeal assistance when colleges under-award. We can teach you how to beat the colleges at their own game.